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September 29, 2016
The Entrepreneur Institute
Charlotte, NC

Me, Myself & Inc. is a must-read for any entrepreneur who wants MORE … more business … more success … more time … more money … more satisfaction … more out of life. And an absolute must for anyone who is continually trying to make Work/Life Balance work … because it doesn't. Work/Life Synergy does! This book will change your entire way of approaching your business, your goals, and your life!

Based on 25 years working with entrepreneurial companies, Sherré writes with poignant insight and relevance as someone who has not only helped others, but been there herself. Entrepreneurs featured in the book were saying "it was like she knew exactly what I was going through … what I was thinking." Sherré knows entrepreneurs and what being an entrepreneur is all about. This book proves it!

Packed with real solutions, exercises, and real-life success stories, Me, Myself & Inc. will inspire you to take action!


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